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As a consultancy, Fringeworks has a particular interest in working with creative people and organisations. We bring over 20 years' experience in a broad and expanding range of business, industry and innovation skills to our work.

	Bid writing
	Business support
	Concept development
	Fund raising
	Project management
	Strategy development
Fringeworks has a vested interest in supporting content creators of all kinds, and we are committed to developing and testing new ways of doing business.

Through a series of white papers we will be applying our expertise to current issues and getting to grips with a variety of new and innovative solutions.

Through focus groups, networking meetings, small scale events and workshops, we will encourage collaborative working with our clients.


Fringeworks is not only interested in hosting its own events, but also in managing them for others.

Internally, we will develop many of our publications by holding 'bible days' where we work with writers and artists to develop our range. We also aim to host, sponsor and participate in a variety of networking events and workshops to support the growth of creative and cultural content production across the UK.

For the latest on Fringeworks events, follow our News Blog.


As well as publishing our own books, Fringeworks is committed to working with others to help shorten the journey from content creation to publication. There are a number of ways we hope this might be achieved:

-developing and packaging content to be used across multiple media platforms
-developing content to be published in the mainstream as well as by our own press
-selectively sharing our store with authors and publishers of e-books
-developing an independent publishing platform that focuses on the creatives themselves, and not just the profits
-promoting our writers and artists within the industry
-using crowdfunding and other models to help our writers and artists to achieve greater success and profitability


As an independent publisher, producing books is our core business. We are committed to building shared worlds and to producing original collaborative content across a number of genres including comedy, culture, fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Over the coming years we hope to develop four or five lines focusing on niche genres. These anthologies, worldbooks and the occasional piece of genre-related non-fiction will be made available as e-books and as quality, collectible hardback books.

A few of the genres we have lined up over the next couple of years are...

Brash Fiction
Cultural/Historical Fantasy and Science Fiction
Fantasy and Science Fiction Comedy
Iconic Fantasy
Shared Worlds

Finally, there is Urban Shadows. Not a genre in itself, but an electronic magazine that embraces the genres of urban fantasy, horror and science fiction. Bringing together articles, interviews and short stories set in dirty, gritty metropolises buried in the darkest recesses of their creators' minds, our money is on Urban Shadows becoming the premier magazine for the genres it serves...

Go to our Publishing page for more information.

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