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Adrian Middleton



Adrian Middleton is a former civil servant and policy adviser on broadband and digital content. He shares his time between Birmingham and Wales, and is the founding director of Fringeworks Ltd.


Adrian’s life in publishing began as a prolific fanzine editor, producing some 300 issues in the early 1990s. These included Neutron Flow, Fowling Piece (a fiction fanzine) and Rumours. His first book was Shelf Life, an anthology published in memory of his friend Craig Hinton. He then spent several years writing strategies and policy documents for the government.

He has contributed to Ain’t No Sanity Clause and Grimm & Grimmer and NeaDNAthal, although most of his work is pseudonymous. He has also developing several series bibles for the company, with various works under development. He is editor of Weird Trails and the Moriarty Paradigm series, for which he has written. Number of stories.


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Paperback: 92 pages (14 Jun. 2013)
ISBN-10: 1909573051
ISBN-13: 978-1909573055

Launched with a presentation to Sherlock Holmes: Past & Present at the University of London’s Institute of English Studies in May 2013, Eliminating the Possible is a taster volume intended to introduce readers to The Moriarty paradigm. Revised in November 2014, it is available in paperback and on ebook at Amazon.

Eliminating the Possible includes excerpts from our first tete-beche volume, A Scoundrel in Bohemia/The Lavender Men by Adem Rolfe, from Vallis Timoris by Mike Chinn, and from Sign of V by Damon Cavalchini, plus an original story, The Intercepted Letter, by Adem Rolfe. This is backed up by four essays exploring the the links between steampunk and Sherlock Holmes.

Both our Moriarty paradigm novels, commencing with David A. McIntee’s A Study in Steampunk and a continuing series, starting with Adrian Middleton’s A Scoundrel in Bohemia and Adem Rolfe’s The Lavender Men, will be available from December 2014

Table of Contents

Cover – Darrel Bevan
Indroduction – Adrian Middleton
A Note from Doctor Doyle by Adrian Middleton & ACD
A Chase (from Vallis Timoris) by Mike Chinn
An Eventful Evening (from The Lavender Men) by Adem Rolfe
The Science of Deduction (from the Sign of V) by Damon Cavalchini
Some Personalia abiout myself and Mr Sherlock Holmes by John H Watson
(assisted by Adrian Middleton & ACD)
The Intercepted Letter by Adem Rolfe
What is Steampunk Anyway by Adrian Middleton
Steampunking Sherlock, and interview with ADrian Middleton, David McIntee, Mike Chinn, Damon Cavalchini and Jonathan Green
Holmes and Moriarty: A Steampunk Perspective, an abstract by Adrian Middleton, Theresa Derwin, and David & Lesley McIntee
Inventing Moriartytech by Adrian Middleton

Covers: Eliminating the Possible 2014 – copyright Fringeworks Ltd. Art by Darrel Bevan.

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