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Fringeworks can now announce that its second twisted Christmas anthology, Sanity Clause is coming…, edited by Theresa Derwin, is FINALLY here… for more than cookies and a glass of milk in this second collection of twisted Christmas cautions.

Santa and Satan face off in an epic battle – on Mars – or discover what happens when zombies duel on Christmas morn.

Read about pantomime gone mad(der) and discover there are some presents which should simply never be opened.

So sit back and get ready to consume this disturbing, funny, scary and sometimes unsettling festive feast.

Sanity Clause is Coming… Is available on Amazon

Table of Contents

Cover – Darrel Bevan
Foreword – Theresa Derwin
I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus by Roger Clark
The Curious Case of the Cake Maker and his Christmas Zombies by Sean T Page
The Emissary Goat by Colin Fisher
Satan vs. Santa by Colleen Chen
All Holiday Special with Magritte by Brandon Cracraft
The Furst Noel by Ed Beat
A Visit from Santa by David Williamson
Prancer’s Story by Uz Eliserio
The Without Man by L F Robertson
Christmas Glitch by Carl Lambein Jr
The Egg Man by Fiona Moore
Killer Reindeer by Spencer Carvalho
Pantocrime by Andrew Lawston

Our first anthology, Ain’t No Sanity Clause has also been refreshed and re-released. Currently available at Amazon.

Cover: Sanity Clause is Coming… copyright Darrel Bevan, 2014.

With special thanks to Damon Cavalchini and Anna Higgins.

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