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Guidance for Authors

So you want to write for Fringeworks?

First, we are always interested in hearing proposals from writers or editors with a track record. If you have the skills and are experienced in making a foray into the world of editing, we are willing to discuss this further. If you have an idea for an anthology, that’s great. If not, we have a sandbox full of ideas that we plan to bring to fruition in the coming months and years.

For first-time authors, the route to getting published is through our anthologies. Watch these pages for announcements – we usually have a submissions window of around 6 months, and we tend to look for original genre tales between 2,000-6,000 words in length. We will also consider stories that have been previously published (if the rights are yours to give), but priority will always be given to original fiction, and it will also depend on where those stories were previously published.

While each book we publish is unique and may have different terms and conditions, our standard approach is to seek:

– First Publishing or Reprint Rights
– Compilation Rights
– Electronic Publishing Rights
– Royalties based on the number of stories (rule of thumb is 4-6% for a twelve story anthology, 10-12% for a six story anthology, 25% for a 2 story volume, and 50% for a stand-alone)

In some cases (shared worlds, for example) we will commission works for hire.

For established authors (i.e. professionally published authors) we are open to negotiation, and would rather enter into a dialogue than rely on standard terms.

Click here to see our current calls for submissions.

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If you want to know who our authors are, what they’ve done, what they have to say about their stories, and what they’re up to next, then just click on the links below and all will (eventually) be revealed:

Ed Ahern
Chris Amies
Marie Andrews
Therese Arkenberg
Scott M Baker
Ed Beat
Nancy Brashear
James Brogden
Tonia Brown
Guy Burtenshaw
Spencer Carvalho
Damon Cavalchini
Mike Chinn
Sean P Chatterton
Colleen Chen
Roger Clark
Lynn M Cochrane
Lynda Collins
Caroline Cormack
Brandon Cracraft
Stephanie Craig
Theresa Derwin
James S Dorr
Cathy Douglas
Alex Douglas-Mann
Pauline E Dungate
Jan Edwards
Uz Eliserio
Stephanie Ellis
Colin Fisher
Ed Fortune
Graeme Francis
Richard Freeman
Andrew Freudenberg
Kirstin Fulton
Rebecca Fung
Sam Gafford
Jonathan Green
John Haas
Ian Hall
Nas Hedron
Alex Helm
Anne Henderson
John Hobkinson
Julius Horne
Stewart Hotston
Margaret Karmazin
Hannah Lackoff
Carl Lambein Jr
Joel Lane
Andrew Lawston
Vince Liberato
Kerry GS Lipp
Jennifer Loring
Jamie Mason
David A McIntee
Lesley McIntee
Graham McNeill
William Meikle
Adrian Middleton
Andrew Miller
Salena Moffet
Kate Monroe
David Thomas Moore
Fiona Moore
Christine Morgan
Sean T Page
David Perlmutter
Anne Nicholls
SM Nilsen
James Niness
Patrick O’Neill
Neil Roberts
Lucy F Robertson
Nathan Robinson
Adem Rolfe
Michele Roger
Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
Rie Sheridan Rose
A.P. Sessler
A. J. Sikes
Travis Sivart
K. R. Smith
Eric Stein
Matthew Sylvester
Sara Taylor
Leland Thoburn
Gav Thorpe
Christer Van
John Vicary
Neville Watkins
Buck Weiss
Jon Wesick
Jay Wilburn
David Williamson
Matthew Wilson
Max Wright

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