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Mike Chinn

Mike Chinn


Mike Chinn was born in Smethwick, and in 1981 he married Caroline and moved to Birmingham. He has been writing horror, fantasy and science fiction for years, publishing over forty short stories, from Westerns to Lovecraftian fiction, and edited three anthologies for The Alchemy Press; the same imprint published a pulp adventure collection. He has also scripted SF and fantasy comics for DC Thompson’s late-lamented Starblazer digest and the Beano as well as two how-to books on writing for comics.


Mike is a contributor to AIN’T NO SANITY CLAUSE, WEIRD TRAILS and is the author of VALLIS TIMORIS.


Vallis Timoris, with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Fringeworks, 2015)

Starblazer Comic

#64 – The Exterminator (1982)
#141 – Spaceroamer (1985)
#172 – Nightraider (1986)
#200 – Demon Sword (1987)
#204 – The Robot Kid (1987)
#224 – Rune War (1988)
#230 – A Plague of Horsemen (1988)
#231 – Godstone (1988)
#232 – Return of the Robot Kid (1989)
#247 – Kayn’s Quest (1989)
#248 – Tales of the Otherworld (1989)
#250 – Sun Prince (1989)
#271 – The Triune Warrior (1990)
#273 – The Robot Kid Strikes Back! (1990)

The Beano

Billy the Cat

Short Stories

Designs of the Wizard (Second Dragons pt.1) (Dark Horizons 10, 1974)
Shadows of the Weaver (Second Dragons pt.2) (Dark Horizons 12, 1975)
The Closing of the Days (Second Dragons pt.3) (Dark Horizons 14, 1976)
Sic Transit… (Fantasy Tales 8, 1981)
But the Stones Will Stand (Fantasy Tales 10, 1982)
The Death-Wish Mandate (Kadath, 1982)
Nightfall of a Dying World (Dark Horizons 28, 1985)
Thanksgiving Dinner (Winter Chills 2, 1987)
The Hollywood Mandate (Fantasy Tales 17, 1987)
Castigo (as Clifton Davis) (Mystique 1, 1988)
Death’s Head (Cosmorama 1, 1988)
Day of the Dark Men (Fantasy Tales Vol 12. No.6, 1991)
Rescheduled (Final Shadows, 1991)
Fair Dues (Dark Horizons 33, 1992)
Desktop Priapism on your PCW (Chills 7, 1993)
The Blood of Eden (The Mammoth Book of Dracula, 1997)
Façades (Phantoms of Venice, 2001)
Brindley’s Place (Birmingham Noir, 2002)
Two Weeks on Saturday (Dark Horizons, 2004)
All Beauty Must Die (Dark Horizons, 2007)
All Under Hatches Stow’d (Second Black Book of Horror, 2008)
Like a Bird (Third Black Book of Horror, 2008)
Parlour Games (Tales from the Smoking Room, 2008)
Sailors of the Skies (Dark Horizons, 2009)
Welcome to the Hotel Marianas (The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror, 2009)
Kittens (Raw Terror, 2009)
The Appalachian Collection (Back to the Middle of Nowhere, 2010)
A Matter of Degree (Null Immortalis (Nemonymous 10), 2010)
Be Grateful When You’re Dead (Dark Horizons, 2011)
Hell Freezes Over (Doomology: The Dawning of Disasters, 2011)
Only the Lonely (Dark Valentines, Spring 2011)
Cold Rain (Morpheus Tales Urban Horror Special, 2011)
Sons of the Dragon (Kzine 1, 2011)
Sailors of the Skies, Kindle Edition (The Alchemy Press, 2011)
Saving Prince Romero (Unifit for Eden: Postscripts 26/27, 2012)
There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (extended Kindle edition The Paladin Mandates, 2012)
Holding it in (Ain’t No Sanity Clause, 2012)
Birds over the Bullring (as Clifton Davis)(Weird Trails 1, 2013)
Where the Long White Roadway Lies (Kneeling in the Silver Light, 2014)
E is for Ecophobia (Phobophobias, 2014)
R is for Radix Omnium Malum (The Grimorium Verum, 2015)
Chasing the Dragon (Superhero Monster Hinter: The Good Fight, 2015)
Deck the Halls (Occult Detective Monster Hunter: A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests, 2015)
A School of Probability (The Adventures of Moriarty, 2015)


The Paladin Mandates (The Alchemy Press, 1998)
The Paladin Mandates (extended Kindle edition, 2012)
Give Me These Moments Back (The Alchemy Press, 2015)

As Editor

Dark Horizons 19–22 (BFS, 1979/80)
Mystique – Tales of Wonder (BFS)
Outsiders by John Oram (BFS Booklet 22, 1996)
Swords Against the Millennium (The Alchemy Press, 2000)
The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes (The Alchemy Press, 2012)
The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2 (The Alchemy Press, 2014)
Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole (The Alchemy Press/Airgedlámh Publications, 2015)


Not Another Bloody Trilogy! (Dark Horizons 32, 1991)
Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel (Barron’s Educational, 2004)
Create Your Own Graphic Novel Using Digital Techniques (Barron’s Educational, 2006)



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