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James Brogden

James Brogden

Twitter: @skippybe


James Brogden is a Manchester-born part-time Australian who studied at Birmingham University in the 1980s and now lives with his wife and two daughters in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, where he teaches English. His first published short story, The Pigeon Bride, won a competition in the Midlands edition of The Big Issue, to find a ‘modern midlands fable’, and in 2012 his first novel, The Narrows, was published by Snowbooks. His urban fantasy fiction has since appeared in various anthologies. His latest novel, Tourmaline, has just been released.


James is a Contributor to WEIRD TRAILS.


The Narrows (Snowbooks, 2012)
Tourmaline (Snowbooks, 2013)
The Realt (Snowbooks, 2015)

Short Stories

The Pigeon Bride (The Big Issue)
The Last Dance of Humphrey Bear (BFS Journal, Summer 2011)
The Phantom Limb (Den of Eek!A Night of Spooky Stories, 2012)
The Gestalt Princess (Gears and Levers 1, 2012)
If Street (Ancient Wonders, 2012)
The Smith of Hockley (Urban Mythic, 2013)
The Curzon Street Horror (Weird Trails 1, 2013)
The Remover of Obstacles (Urban Occult, 2013)
Junk Male (Den of Eek! Urban Legends, 2014)
How to Get Ahead in Avatising (Urban Mythic 2, 2014)
Made From Locally Sourced Ingredients (The Last Diner, 2015)
The Gas Street Octopus (Evocations, 2015)
The Evoked (Evocations, 2015)
The Decorative Water Feature Of Nameless Dread (Evocations, 2015)
Mob Rule (Evocations, 2015)
DIYary Of The Dead (Evocations, 2015)


Evocations (The Alchemy Press, 2015)



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