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Weird Trails – Guest Blog: Pauline E. Dungate

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Day four of our guest blogs leading up to the launch of Weird Trails – Urban Fantasy Walks brings us something from another of the ladies, Pauline E Dungate.

“Birmingham is at the centre of so much and has history dating from the Bronze Age. It has seen a lot of incomers and people passing through, all of whom bring their own myths and legends with them. Not only can the fantastic creep in from all corners of Britain, it follows the people who come here.

“I came to Birmingham from the south of London and have been here for forty years so I probably know the city better than my home county. Unlike London, all human habitats are within easy reach and it is a very short journey from city centre to rural countryside. Digbeth is just one facet.

“If I were to pick another town (besides London) to set a piece of urban fantasy in, it would be Rye in Sussex. Partly because I know the place – my grandparents lived there – partly because it has history, legend and access to the continent.”

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