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SPECULICIOUS is Fringeworks’ creator-owned imprint. As part of our drive to better serve our authors, we felt that we should provide an imprint that told prospective buyers three things:

First, that these books are completely the creation of our more established writers and creators. They’re not based on themes or brands devised by Fringeworks, but personal works – stand-alone collections, collations or novels that entirely reflect the visions of those who created them;

Second, that these books are a sign of quality. Anyone can self-publish, but to publish through Speculicious means it’s been submitted, edited and quality-controlled.

Third, these books are often going to be speculative and/or experimental.

We can’t guarantee that these books are your cup of tea, but we stand by the quality and ability of the work that we publish. These works are not just by people with talent who have proved their ability and reliability by regularly doing work for us in the past, but by people we believe will one day have a following, whom we believe will be those who break through into the mainstream.

So, the name.


Well, as well as being a portmanteau of speculative and delicious, it is also a play on the word Spekulatius or Spekuloos, which is a spiced biscuit which forms the inspiration for our new imprint’s elephantine logo. Why an elephant? Well, besides being a common theme for the aforementioned biscuits, it also represents our belief that these are books we never want you to forget…

As for the books themselves, watch this space…

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