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Alice Underground

Alice’s Adventures in London, Underground will be a series of historical young adult stories set in the London circa 1858. The premise of the series is ‘the adventures of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Henry Mayhew’s London Underworld, with a hint of Oliver Twist thrown in for good measure.

In 1858, Charles Dodgson took a photograph of 6-year old Alice Liddell as a beggar girl. This story assumes that the picture was taken shortly after Alice returned home after getting lost on a family trip into London, and that Dodgson, a friend of her family, had been the man that found her.

As the title suggests, each book in the series will be a historical re-imagining inspired by a chapter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Each of these stories will continue the adventures of Alice Liddell, but will be written by a different author, drawing on Henry Mayhew’s works, London Underworld and London Labour and the London Poor as primary sources of inspiration.

The series will be edited by Colin Fisher, and authors lined up include L F Robertson and Christer Van.

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