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VALLIS TIMORIS by Mike Chinn and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Vallis Cover Front-1

Paperback: 314 pages (14 July 2015)
ISBN-10: 1909573248
ISBN-13: 978-1909573246

Vallis Timoris is our first mash-up novel based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Using 90% of his original text and adding a whole bunch more from the pen of Mike Chinn, we have transformed Doyle’s original novel, The Valley of Fear, into a steampunk adventure that takes Sherlock Holmes to the moon and back.

The Moriarty paradigm is not quite the world that we know. Subtly altered by the machinations of Professor Moriarty, the British Empire dominates the globe using steampunked technology the like of which has never been seen.

Steel Fortresses. Space Cannons. Secret Societies. Sherlock Holmes on the Moon.

In the wake of Lunar Gordon’s conquest of the Moon, Sherlock Holmes must uncover the truth behind the Scowrers of the Vale de Verme in a thrilling pulp adventure in which physics and engineering are every bit as important as the science of deduction.

Table of Contents

Cover – Adrian Middleton & Damon Cavalchini
Frontispiece – Darrel Bevan
Foreword – Guy Adams
Lunar Gordon Claims the Moon! by Adrian Middleton
Vallis Timoris by Mike Chinn
Sherlock Holmes and the Pulp Tradition by Adrian Middleton

Vallis Timoris is available in paperback and ebook formats from Amazon.

Cover: Adrian Middleton & Damon Cavalchini 2015 – copyright Fringeworks Ltd. Interior art by Darrel Bevan.

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