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Deadline: Ongoing.

2016 is a big year for fans of H G Wells. It is the 70th anniversary of his death, the 150th anniversary of his birth, and the last year his works will be under copyright. On 1st January 2017 we shall begin publishing a continuing series of stories that celebrate the entry of his works into the public domain.

We are seeking expressions of interest for a series of post apocalyptic stories set in the wake of H G Wells’ War of the Worlds. The premise is as follows:

For one month in 1894, the Martians ruled the Earth. They came, they conquered, they began to terramorphing, introducing Martian flora and fauna, and then, as quickly as they came, they died.

We are looking for novellas set in the year 1895 which reflect upon the various impacts a Martian invasion of Earth in the Victorian era might have had. Each story will cover different locations and different aspects of the recovery. They might look at the rise of anarchy, rescues and disasters, the restoration of order, the investigation of alien biology or technology, the discovery of Martian survivors, the impact on health and mortality, the rebuilding of families or communities, the impact on history, the effect on international relations or whatever else you believe might happen as a consequence of such a catastrophic event.

Each of these stories will be a stand-alone continuation entirely imagined by individual authors – while the use of different locations and events may resemble those of a shared world, these stories should be seen as no different from submissions to a thematic anthology.

Ideally we are looking for established writers prepared to use War of the Worlds as a springboard to tell original, stand-alone stories of between 20-40,000 words in length.

Emails containing your expressions of interest should be sent to and should not include any attachments.

Your email subject header should read ‘SURNAME/WEED/BIO’.

All expressions of interest should:
Briefly summarise (in 200 words or less) your credentials as a writer;
Provide your full details (name/address/telephone number/email address).

We will endeavour to respond to enquiries within TWO MONTHS of receiving an expression of interest. Our intention is to commission work on an ongoing basis, with royalties of 50% per novella (ebook royalties will be considerably higher).

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