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Vlad Tepes

Bit of an experiment this, but that’s what we like.

Back in July 2013 Adrian Middleton talked on Livejournal about a project idea which was called “THE EXTENDED DRACULA”. In it he expressed the belief that Bram Stoker intended to write Dracula in a serialised format, but that for various reasons related to protecting his intellectual property, Stoker hastily published the book in a form that would not have been as intended.

Fringeworks, based on Stoker’s own notes, intends to publish THE EXTENDED DRACULA as a saga presented in serial form, commissioning a series of novellas that expand and reinterpret the original novel, restoring many of the themes, characters and events omitted from the published version.

Instead of seeking submissions, we intend to cast our authors, matching each to the viewpoint characters and themes of the episodes in which each plays the lead role. As well as the principal diarists (Jonathan, Mina, Jack Seward and Van Helsing) we will also be casting the other principals (Arthur, Lucy, Quincey, Renfield, the captain of the Demeter and Dracula himself) as well as chronicling Stoker’s own fictional discovery of the story, and the perspectives of those characters mentioned in Stoker’s notes but never seen in the published version.

For this reason we would like interested writers to contact us at with the following:

1) A brief covering note describing your passion and interest in Dracula, informing us of which viewpoint character(s) you identify with and why;

2) A character study written in the third-person narrative (and not the journal form), told in the form of a short story that demonstrates the approach you intend to take. This should precede the events of the original saga, but should not be set within it. We will leave the length of the character study to you, but do not exceed around 4,000 words.

3) As a taster for the series, and as a means of announcing who is being commissioned, we will publish the successful character studies. Payment will be negotiated equitably once submissions are in.

Please label your email: “YOUR NAME/DRACULA/CHARACTER NAME”

Illustration copyright Darrel Bevan, 2014

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Have you ever wondered why fantasy favours the priviledged? From princesses to pirate captains, learned wizards to chivalrous knights? Even in modern and science fantasy we see men of power and influence – generals, superspies, corporate cronies and criminal masterminds.

Where are all the working class heroes?

This anthology has a simple premise: its protagonists must be the salt of the earth, the hardworking common folk who struggle against adversity and overcome the most challenging disadvantage of all: being of the wrong class.

Stories will be speculative fiction using fantasy, science fiction and horror as their genre. They will also include some social commentary, although overtly political perspectives will be rejected in favour of personal perspectives.

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