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Sanity Clause

Sanity Clause is our biennial series of dark and twisted Christmas anthologies, each containing a dozen tales guaranteed to keep you entertained on those cold winter nights when the TV is broken and Santa’s satnav led him astray.

    Sanity Clause is currently closed for submissions.

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One of the sad truths in small publishing is that some projects never quite get off the ground. When this happens they often disappear without trace, which is something we at Fringeworks would like to avoid. For this reason we are listing those projects we looked at but ultimately failed to either get enough interest or else failed to fit into our schedules.


Our first project in hiatus is a collection of non-fiction collection of essays about the evolution of genre fandom entitled The Descent of Fan. This was to have beeen edited by Steve Jones, a long-term SF and genre fan and writer who may or may not be the inspiration for Terry Pratchett’s bursar. Known throughout British SF fandom as the king of the Green Room, Steve has some great insights into how fandom has changed over the years. The book would have included essays on the evolution of science fiction, fantasy, cult media and other genre fandom, tracing its origins from palaeofandom, through mesofandom and into the neofandom of the social media age.

Here at Fringeworks, however, we never say never. If there is future interest or enough enquiries about these books we will revisit them and, hopefully, publish them at some later date.

Some projects have not taken off as quickly as expected, but we remain committed to them. These and future books in development can be checked out here.

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